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Monday, January 27, 2014

Rebuilding the Blocks by Sarah Herring

As we celebrate 10 years of our family tradition, The Birthday Wall, my eldest, Sarah, wanted to share a new view on The Birthday Wall in connection to the time she spends playing blocks with her son, somewhat of a life analogy for the meaningful message The Birthday Wall so many times contains with her being the recipient, as well as creator of one for her son now too. Enjoy!

Rebuilding The Blocks
By Sarah Herring

A decade ago my Mother invented a birthday tradition called, "The Birthday Wall." 
In short, it's a wall of choice, created and decorated of special moments, favorite songs, sayings, movies, books, celebrities. It includes unforgettable nicknames and personalized sentiments.

Friends and family are warmly welcomed to participate which makes the Birthday Wall even more special and unique. It's a rewarding version of my own personal holiday. 

The Birthday Wall is a bit like building and re-building blocks for me. 
When I'm creating a "masterpiece" from building toy blocks with my son, I build, edit, revise, and re-build each creation to best connect with what he likes and what matters to him.

It's symbolic of his baby steps and stepping stones.

In parallel, The Birthday Wall does the same thing, starting with the basics. Over the years it has become more complex and relates exactly to my interests, hobbies, talents and ideas, right where I'm at.

The Birthday Wall says goodbye to one year and hello to the next one, refreshingly, artistically, with inspiration. 
It grows with me. It's never boring. It's always exciting. It brings out who I really am and nurtures the child inside me. 

The Birthday Wall defines validation, originality, refreshment, nurture, acceptance, new ideas; loving your child to their core. 
It is what helps me define the entire year: my goals, aspirations, progress, expectations, and dreams for the future. It's also something priceless I have passed down a generation to my own child. 

There are no limits to The Birthday Wall's creativity, meaning and purpose. 
From young to old, It is a perfect present for anyone, in all of it's dimensions.