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Dawn is a watercolor and collage artist, writer, Host of #JournalChat Live and Creative and Social Media Consultant. She enjoys sharing insights, humor, and encouragement as she shares from her life experiences. She enjoys keeping a journal and reading spiritual texts to help keep the light on. Hope you enjoy perusing the blog posts and in the process, get to know her a bit better. Enjoy your stay!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Journal Writing: A Birthday Party Activity

Journal Writing is an activity near and dear to my heart; so when I saw this post, Teachable Moments Series: Journal Writing, I just had to share it! I love the activities they suggest for kids with a journal writing project, including an artistic approach to make it visually fun. It makes for a fun, custom choice since each child can do it any way they want to.

A Birthday Wall can be created in any way you want it to be to show your child how much you love them just as they are in all their fun and creative dimensions. In my e-book, I share a suggestion you can use in addition to or instead of the wall for your display that just might hit the journaling spot!


  1. Hi Dawn, great to see all the creative things you are up to!! Warmly, Lynda

  2. Lynda,
    Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate your interest and support. Yes, I loved the creative aspect of this journaling birthday party idea.

    Have a fab day!
    Be refreshed,