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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Pretty Princess: Pink Playfulness

This Mom, Abby Larson, who wrote the post, SMP (Style Me Pretty) at Home: Audrey's 4th Birthday, showcases how you can have a terrific birthday and use what you've got (with a bit of super frugal spending to fill in the gaps). With pink enhanced photos galore, Abby shows all the dimensions and elements of her daughter's 4th birthday, with activities, decorations, and costumes. A Perfect Party for a Pretty Princess, indeed!

When you have a birthday party with such adorable decor, you'd want to embellish your child's Birthday Wall with some of that glitter going on! There are so many wonderfully fun and fancy options with how you can visually please while enhancing the self-esteem of your wonderful child. Add some pizzazz and have some fun!

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