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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Recipient's Point of View: Sarah Herring

About ten years ago my mother cam up with a brilliant, family-oriented, authentic idea on how to celebrate your child and make them feel as special as possible on their big day. It was named and still is named, "The Birthday Wall."

It started out with a simple birthday banner featuring our name, our new age, and pictures of things we liked at that time, nicknames we'd been given, and accomplishments we'd achieved. At first I just thought it was a cool idea that would last until my sister and I were adults. I had no idea it would leave such an impression on me and become the ONE THING I look forward to every year on my birthday.

On my most recent birthday, all I really wanted was a Birthday Wall from my mom or something--anything--like it.

I was thrilled when she presented a collage she had made for me including my most favorite song for the last eight years, my favorite foods, my senior yearbook picture, my age, a seventeen year old nickname that still makes me smile like it did the first time she used it. The collage was all shaded in and surrounded neatly and artistically with my favorite colors and quotes.

It was the PERFECT gift, something so sentimental and priceless to me that it almost instantly sent tears straight from my heart right to my eyes in a way that touched Mom's heart.

She has invented a method of making her family feel loved, cherished and important for years to come. Ten years of such has changed my heart and my life, and I know it's something I can count on to make each birthday unique and special in its own way. It's something I get excited about and look forward to as my special day approaches.

I fully intend to pass the tradition down to my son who is almost two in hopes that The Birthday Wall will last for generations to come.

It is amazing that a simple, heartfelt idea turned into a wonderful family tradition that can bring a whole new outlook to your child's birthday.

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